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The Grundy Register encourages letters and guest editorials to consider for publication. To be published, letters must follow the following guidelines:

1. Letters should express an opinion or solicit a call to action.

2. Letters should be 500 words or less.

3. Letters are subject to editing for length, content, fact and libel.

4. Letters that are attacking in nature of individuals or the practices of private businesses likely will not be published.

5. Writers will be limited to no more than one letter per 30 days.

6. Except in rare circumstances, an expression of a letter of thanks is an advertisement and not a letter to the editor.

7. The Grundy Register will only print letters written by Grundy County residents, Grundy Register subscribers or letters of interest to Grundy Register readers. Submissions that appear to be form letters, with only the writer's signature, are unlikely to be printed.

8. All letters must be signed, dated and include the writer's community of reference. All letters, including those submitted electronically, also must include a telephone number that will be used for verification purposes and will not be printed.

9. The Grundy Register editor reserves the right to reject letters that do not adhere to the above guidelines, and may end debate on a topic after both sides have had ample chance to express their views.

Send letters through the form below, or send via e-mail to or mail to PO Box 245, Grundy Center, IA 50638.

Unsigned editorials are the view of The Grundy Register. All other letters published do not necessarily reflect the views of The Grundy Register, Mid-America Publishing or their employees.



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