Project seeks to identify local historical landmarks

Grundy County Historian Lois Stork is shown inside her restored Fairfield No. 5 one-room schoolhouse.  The school was also known as The Center School and The Dane School.  Stork is holding a Danish Reader used during the summer months to teach the Danish language. (Courtesy photo)

    MORRISON — A project of the Grundy County Conservation Board  seeks to identify local historical landmarks.
    Historial Lois Stork is heading the project which seeks to identify structures that populated our landscape years ago, with the goal to identify each with a marker at the site. 
    “We are looking for volunteers in every Grundy County township to help identify the landmarks,” Stork said.
    Landmarks could include former one-room country schoolhouses, churches, creameries, post offices, early churches, pioneer cemeteries, prairie areas ... anything that could help people identify with Grundy County history or even history before the county was formed.

For more of this story see the Sept. 10 Grundy Register.