Grundy Center USBC holds city tourney at Crystal Bowl

Eunice Riesberg
Grundy Center USBC Tournament Director

Crystal Bowl was the site for the 2023 Grundy Center USBC City Tournament from Feb. 18 - March 1.  Men and women bowlers competed in team, doubles, singles, and an all-events competition.


On the women's side, the Crystal Bowl team consisting of Shelia Kelly, Coleen Ralston, Eunice Riesberg, and Brittni Curren finished first with a score of 2,624.  The Miller Time team finished second with a score of 2,622, and the Trunck’s Foods team finished third with 2,595.  


Ten sets of women competed in the doubles format with Alyssa Sealman and Eunice Riesberg scoring 1,410 to win.  They were followed by the teams of Carly Heindselman and Melanie Homeister in second and Tami Craig and Marcia Palmer in third with scores of 1,389 and 1,349, respectively.


The singles portion was won by Alyssa Sealman who shot 759.  Second place went to Tami Craig (743), followed by Sammi Weig (690) and Staci Kruger (689).


The all-events title was won by Alyssa Sealman, who shot a nine game, handicapped total of 2,125.  Other top performers in the all-events portion were Brigitte Van Nice (2,096) and Tami Craig (2,091).  The women had thirteen scratch series over 525 and sixteen single game scores of 200 and above.


For the men, Myers Concrete captured the crown for the second year in a row with a score of 3,581.  Team members were Brian Myers, Randy Brandhorst, Chris Slaughter, Jarrid Lang and Jason Wilson.   The Mercantile Barber Shop and Rust Racing teams finished second and third with scores of 3,421 and 3,389. 


Twenty-eight sets of doubles took aim at the championship with the duo of Matt Cheville and Nate Cheville claiming the title with a score of 1,415.  Jesse Huisman and Jared Christensen paired up for 1,406 which was good for second place. Nathan Boege and Judd Lyons finished in third with a 1,382.  


Matt Nash won the Singles competition with a score of 750.  He was followed by Justin Beenken (724), Bret Baruth (721), Mike Christensen (719), Ryon Appel (719), and Eric Bonfig (714).  The All Events list was led by Jared Christensen with a nine-game handicap total of 2,190.  He was followed closely by Josh Sager (2,176), Bret Baruth (2,135), and Dennis Beenken (2,109).  There were 63 scratch series greater than 600 and 12 games over 250.  


The tournament committee would like to thank Jason Appel and his staff for their hard work in providing an outstanding opportunity to compete during the tournament. For more information, or if you’re interested in joining a league, contact the Association at 825-3643.


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