Can religion and science co-exist?

Michaela Kendall

Mobile museum lets local students decide for themselves
How old is the earth? Did humans evolve from monkeys? Did dinosaurs and people exist at the same point in time? Is creationism true, or is evolution true? Depending on who you ask, you might get some very different answers; but Brian Young – director of the Creation Instruction Association’s ministry out of Juniata, Nebraska – says he wants to let people decide for themselves.
To help them decide, though, Young created the Semisaurus – a mobile museum housed inside a 48-foot long semi trailer. The museum features interactive exhibits with ancient artifacts, dinosaur fossils, an animatronic dinosaur, microscopes, casts of ancient art that appear to depict dinosaurs and plenty of fun, interactive technology explaining the case for creationism, while giving the facts about evolution as well.
The whole point of this museum – which visited students at the Timothy Christian School in Wellsburg on Monday – is to present the case for evolution, present the case for creationism, and let the person decide what to believe by themselves.
“The main point of the Semisaurus is to educate people, and I believe education is knowing both sides of an issue, and then being able to make your decision based on that,” Young said. “Indoctrination, on the other hand, is only giving one side of the issue. I really believe in our society, our kids are being indoctrinated, because we’re not allowed to see all sides of an issue. You’re told you have to believe this way, or that way, even when the evidence can clearly go against it. Here, we are presenting both sides, and letting them choose.”
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