Letter to the editor

Michael Wiltfang

Dear Mr. Maharry,
I don't take any great pleasure in telling you this (yeah, right), but you were PUNKED, and you used about a foot and a half of newspaper column space to make a complete fool of yourself.  You actually think Harlyn Riekena was serious about the Trump statue!  You think he's nothing but a cranky old farmer with too much money, in the early stages of dementia.  Been a few years since I've seen Harlyn, but I know him--he and his dad had farm ground just over the fence from our family place. Right now, Mr. Riekena is laughing his backside off at how skillfully he maneuvered you and that big stomach full of irrational hatred for Trump you carry everywhere into making a complete fool of yourself.  I know I'm getting a real kick out of it. Oh, sure, your reply would be that he was dead serious.  My take on it is that he could probably make more money as an actor than a farmer!  I don't know if Mr. Riekena plays poker or not, but I have a word of advice for you if you do--don't ever sit down at the table with him.
I also got a real chuckle at your call-out of two unnamed supervisors for what you consider to be uncivil conduct in meetings.  Is this the same newspaper that quoted a local dyspeptic Democrat activist named Helen Kopsa, referring to people like these supervisors as "old fart farmers?”  In addition to an apparent complete lack of a sense of humor, you also appear to have a complete lack of understanding of the phrase "double standard”—you and just about every other "professional" in your business.  I've been reading the Grundy Register for a long time.  First time I remember seeing that phrase in print.
Anyway, thanks for a weekend of laughs.
Mike Wiltfang 
Ramsey, MN
P.S.  I'd really suggest you try to get over your Trump Derangement Syndrome.  (TDS).  It's not good for your mental and physical health, and it causes you to do foolish things that you might regret later.  I can't be the only one who is beginning to find your three cents worth a bit predictable, (mono-thematic?), tiresome and boring, but I'll keep reading them to see when your next pratfall happens.

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